Laboratory facilities

The Deep-Sea Ecology and Biogeochemistry research group have excellent analytical facilities at the Lyell Centre, including 2 stereo and 2 compound microscopes (with phase-contrast functionality) for sorting and identifying microfauna, GC-FID, GC-MS and GC-IRMS machines, a Thermo Gallery-Plus nutrient analyser, UIC coulometer for measuring marine carbonate chemistry, a Metrohm Titrando machine (for Total alkalinity and Winkler analysis), and freezers (-20C and -80C).  For shallow-water benthic experiments, we have 4 Pyroscience Firesting oxygen meters and robust oxygen probes, 80 benthic flux chambers (10 and 14cm diameter) and a 3D-UNISENSE microprofiling system.  The team also have 2 freeze-dryers, muffle-furnaces and ovens that are used for preparing samples.