Research opportunities

We are presently seeking a highly motivated Postdoctoral Research Fellow specialising in environmental and molecular microbiology related to the microbiology of the deep sea, with a focus on benthic ecosystem functioning in areas licensed for nodule-mining activities. The successful candidate will be based in Edinburgh and become part of the wider interdisciplinary team involved with the £1.36 million project “Assessment of Benthic Ecosystem Function (Metabolic Activity, Respiration) and Demersal Scavenger and Predator Diversity Around the Cook Islands”.

As the lead Post-Doctoral Research Fellow on the project you will have a strong background in marine microbiology, molecular biology and bioinformatics analysis. The ability to consider interdisciplinary scientific approaches is a key strength. The role requires significant fieldwork effort each year (e.g., 6 weeks per research cruise) offshore of the Cook Islands and as such you must be able to work independently, have strong organisational skills, and thrive in seeking solutions to a variety of challenges. You will be able to work as part of a larger team including other professors, postdocs, technicians, project managers and PhD researchers. You will need to pass a medical in order to go to sea.

Details of this appointment can be found here: